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Living in modern times brings challenges to us all.  Learning to use our inner resources to be the best we can in any moment can be an even greater challenge at times.

I can support you to manage the different terrains you will traverse in a way that fits with your world view and harnesses your own inner resources and wisdom.

Do you want to be more steady in how you navigate life?

Are you dealing with health or other challenges?

Would you like someone to guide you to achieve your higher purpose?

Would you like to be able to access this service locally and online?

Would you love to do this at an affordable cost?

My Offerings

I have a deep passion to work with those who want to connect with the deeper aspects of who we are.  I aim to share classical yogic teachings and philosophy and ways of living with those who want to live more consciously. 

I deliver a unique Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in Australia.

I support those who are navigating change and or distress in their life. I work with individuals and/or groups and organisations to support them to respond to the challenges of life with ease and creativity (often with a vital dash of humour thrown in).

For individuals, I offer a mixture of service options that you can blend in a way that suits your personality, is manageable within your time and financial resources, and resonates with how you want your life to be.

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A little about me

Hello and welcome to my website

I am Alison Mac Taggart – also known as Mantradharma to many.

My passion is to support others to live their life as fully as possible – no matter what circumstances they might find themselves in at this point in their life.  I love inspiring others to deal with disruption to life’s flow in a way that resonates with their own wisdom and experience.

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