About me and why I do what I do


I am Alison Mac Taggart also known as Mantradharma.

I have had the opportunity to live a very full life so far filled with lots of experiences (both challenging and joyful) that have helped me know who I am and give me the confidence to respond to life with authenticity and creativity and a good dose of humour!

    I have experienced a lot of change and difficult times in my life:

    • Moved house over 36 times;
    • Lived in 4 different countries;
    • Done lots of different jobs – from working in the media, to managing health research, to teaching yoga and meditation – and other things in between;
    • Worked with homeless youth as well as high level executives.

    Supporting you to walk the path to living the life you want ….

    Have the current challenges in your life brought you to this point where you would like someone to guide you on your path for a short while?

     I know what it’s like to face major upheaval and change.

    I am passionate about supporting people at this particular fork in the path of life because I have gained so much from a similar level of challenge that you might be currently dealing with.

    The idea for this business has grown out of the situation I find myself in at this stage of my life. 6 years ago I gave up a well-paid job, my home, most of my possessions and my family and social life to go and live in an unpaid position in a Yoga Retreat Centre in Australia.

    I didn’t make this decision lightly. I had prepared for it for a number of years but my well-considered intentions for my future were literally torn apart when shocking revelations about the past actions of senior teachers in the tradition came to light.  I did remain at the centre for a few years working with others to rebuild a new entity that offered a safe and inspiring place for people to train as yoga teachers and to attend retreats.  My particular focus was to offer evidence based findings for the practices we shared and to explore the recent neuroscience research and its relevance to a classical system of yoga.  I specialised in training health professionals to offer yoga nidra and breathing practices in their workplace.

    The centre closed in December 2018.  I spent most of 2019 recovering from these challenging years and the vicarious trauma I experienced.  Despite the challenges of these times, I have no regrets about the decisions I made.  I am able to feel a deep sense of gratitude for how these experiences have shaped me and supported me to deal with current tough events such as the recent bush fires and Covid19.

    Yoga classes with a difference

    Workshops & Retreats

    Exploring the self through Soulcollage

    Essential Oil Products

    Yoga classes with a difference

    Workshops & Retreats

    Exploring the self through Soulcollage

    Essential Oil Products

    Qualifications and Expertise

    Yoga and Meditation Teacher

    I have a Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Teaching (1400 hours).  A life changing course that offered study into all aspects of classical yoga.

    I specialise in training others, including health professionals and school teachers,  to instruct Yoga Nidra meditation.

    Health Professional Training

    I have worked in Government and Non-government health services in both Australia and the UK.  I have worked in Community Engagement, Population Health, Research & Ethics, and Mental Health Promotion streams.

    In recent years I have trained health professionals in the practice of Yoga Nidra Meditation.


    I am a trained SoulCollage® facilitator.  SoulCollage® is a process that allows us to delve into the deeper, subconcious aspects of our personalities.  I often integrate this modality into my yoga teaching and mentoring work.

    Education and Training

    I am an experienced Educator and have trained over 300 students at the Academy of Yoga Science, Mangrove in yoga topics and practices.  I also have extensive experience at facilitating community meetings.


    I have been using essential oils in every aspect of my life (and my family’s) for over 40 years.  I have basic training in this but am currently undertaking certification in Essential Oil consultancy.

    Mentoring & Support

    I have mentored numerous individuals in various spheres: supporting others with their research; mentoring residents in a yoga retreat centre to implement ashram living models in their time spent there; and mentoring individuals to move through challenges that arose in their life.