Have you ever wondered what this practice called Yoga Nidra is all about? Well let me explain.  Yoga Nidra is an ancient yogic practice that has been adapted to make it accessible to contemporary contexts.

It is a very simple practice to do – all you have to do is lie down and let go.  The only effort is to stay awake!

Generally you will be instructed by a qualified teacher to position yourself in the posture of shavasana (lying on your back on the floor) and then you will be guided through each of the stages of the practice.  The instructions enable you to drop into a quiet space where you become increasingly disinterested in sensations, sounds etc – and experience the state of pratyahara (the yogic term for this stillness created by the dissociation from external stimuli).

Each of the stages, and the practice as a whole, support the practitioner to experience true relaxation, a tension-free state where we are disconnected from the activity of the mind.  Repeated practice of Yoga Nidra supports us to regulate our nervous system, experience peace and calmness and over time to shift patterns of behaviour that might limit how we live our life.  Ultimately Yoga Nidra is a means to rest in the experience of our own essence, beyond the limitations of everyday life.

You have to try it – to experience these benefits for yourself.

If you would like to drop into the experience of Yoga Nidra, download this free short version of the practice.