Soul Collage®

Discover your wisdom, change your world

Experience the delight of exploring your inner nature through the Soulcollage® process. 

So what is Soulcollage®?

SoulCollage® is an enjoyable process that uses images, imagination, and intuition to bring to conscious awareness all the parts of ourselves that reside within but are shaped by the external world.  In the process you freely and intuitively select and arrange images onto cards which can then be used for inspiration, journaling, understanding life purpose and so much more

So how do you do it?

The Soulcollage® process is easy and fun.  Just gather together some images, move them around, cut bits out, place them on a background, then assemble the images into the final form that feels right.  Then you let the card speak to you ….

Here’s how it works for me:

“I spend many absorbed hours in a quiet space doing SoulCollage® – tearing out pictures that ‘grab’ me from magazines; moving them around on a background until the grouping of images settles into its final form; pasting them onto a card and then stepping back and allowing the card to speak its wisdom to me. The insights and meaning that flow from these images are deeply revealing. “

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SoulCollage® Workshops

I run lots of workshops that involve the Soulcollage® process, very often integrating this revealing process into yoga workshops and retreats.  These can be for a few people or for larger groups in various venues in Australia.

I offer (for groups or individuals):

  • introductory workshops;
  • specific themes such as: self-inquiry; life stage journey; expressing your creativity; etc
  • working with the underlying archetypes or forces in your life;
  • understanding your purpose in life;
  • and any other focus that you are drawn to.


Are you compelled to understand more of who you are?  Would you like to spend time with others and delve into your true nature and expand your understanding of yourself?  Contact me to find a workshop near you.

Life Purpose

Do you have a sense of what you came into this world to do?  Would you like to explore this using the language and intuitive wisdom of your sub-conscious? Book into a Life Purpose workshop.

Coping with Difficult Times

All of us have to deal with tough and challenging periods throughout life – and especially in current times of bush fire impact followed by Covid pandemic.  But taking the time to be still, allowing the creative nature that exists within all of us to be expressed and then listening to what our inner wisdom has to say – can be profoundly healing. 

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Soulcollage® workshops are offered at various times in the year and in different locations. Contact me to arrange a workshop in your area.