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Although Covid distancing and safety guidelines are impacting on the number of retreats that can be offered, please see below for those that are planned to go ahead in the coming months.

For the unlearned, old age is winter; for the learned, it is the season of the harvest.

Hasidic saying

Conscious ageing in Forest Dweller stage of life

Atma Darshan, Western Creek, Tasmania

17th-19th September

A weekend retreat for those who are in the third stage of life – the phase known in ancient yogic philosophy as Vanaprastha or Forest Dweller.  This is a time when a person retires to the forest and gradually gives up worldly life and focuses on their inner, spiritual world. Of course, for those of us living in modern times, it is not feasible or desirable to fully retire from life.  This workshop supports you to balance your inner needs with worldly commitments.

Moving Deeper into Yoga Nidra

Venues being planned for 2021

Join me for a day of inspiration, new knowledge and connecting with others

  • Be reminded of how the practice influences the physical, mental and emotional dimensions
  • Find out what’s happening in the brain as you proceed through the stages
  • Learn how to strengthen your own practice to support life goals
  • Discover how to shape the practice to support students to induce deep relaxation or to progress spiritually – and everything in between.

Heartfelt thanks for a most wonderful workshop. It gave me confirmation of my feelings over the past couple of years and even though I was quietly following my instincts it was quite affirming to know that this process is recognised by the ancients as a beautiful and natural part of life. You articulated the teachings very well and carefully acknowledged the problems faced by many of having to fulfill responsibilities of paid or unpaid work.

Barb, Forest Dweller Workshop, Bulli

Your capacity to bring theory, ancient wisdom and practicality for our current times……..always admirable and inspirational. The practices of meditation and yoga nidra, truly provided a supportive and guided way for us to get in touch with inner selves.  The practices recommended for this stage of yoga nidra, pranayama and meditation gave tangible and realistic ways to support oneself through this stage. These 3 provide a great foundation of practice to implement and harness.

Orietta, Forest Dweller Workshop, Bulli 2020

Thankyou so much for the Forest Dwellers weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it inspiring and felt the whole experience was uplifting.

Trudy, Diamond Beach

Famous for her Yoga Nidra tuition, Mantradharma delivers Forest Dweller, a creative workshop that utilises various forms of meditation and other tools that assist you to find that inner diamond that is always there. 

Dörthe, Bellingen, 2021


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These workshops will be offered at various times in the year and in different locations. Contact me to arrange a workshop in your area.