Yoga Nidra Training

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Lie down, let go, transform – and then facilitate others to do the same……

Yoga Nidra is a simple, yet profound, meditation practice. During the practice the body rests, while the mind stays alert. The practitioner enters a ‘dream-like’ state of internal heightened awareness. It is in this space, that you come closer to bringing about deep change in your external world. And this happens by strengthening the pathway to your inner world.

The unique Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Australia offers an opportunity to combine yogic theory with contemporary findings.

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

A course will be offered 3rd-9th October 2021 in Bellingen, NSW.  Places limited.




Yoga Nidra Teacher Training for Health Professionals

All face to face training cancelled due to Covid restrictions, but register your interest below and I will keep you updated when the next one is happening.

contact me to arrange this workshop in your yoga studio

Unlock the Secrets of Yoga Nidra

A day of immersion in the practice and the theory – for yoga teachers and those who simply love the practice.

Coming soon

Online Yoga Nidra Training

Online Yoga Nidra Training is currently being developed.  Contact me for more information.



Yoga Nidra is the best weapon I know to combat the effects of shift work, especially night shift. If you do night shift you have to try Yoga Nidra - it will transform your life!

Phillip RN Emergency Department.

As a social worker working with young people, this qualification is a great tool to use to empower young people to better regulate their emotions, access their relaxation response and develop some powerful strategies for more effective and mindful living. Highly recommended!

Maria Chan, Social Worker, Sydney

After a life time love of yoga nidra completing Yoga Nidra Training course has been a dream come true. I say this because after the wonderful knowledge I gained in this course I can now share the joy and importance of yoga nidra with others in a simple, professional and profound way.

Amanda Fisher, retired teacher, Volunteer, Youth Hostel Manager

Learning the key components to Yoga Nidra, with Mantradharma was special as she has years of experience and confidence that allows her to share her passion and knowledge in a way that is inspiring and everlasting. She is funny and organised and the techniques that we take home have given me confidence to manage everyday challenges as a yoga teacher which brings a new found balance to work and enjoying the magical moments that is my life

Chaitanyam – Yoga Teacher, NZ

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